House Rules

New Skills:


New Feats: -

Ship’s Pilot – You’ve learned how to coax just a bit more out of your engines and gain +2 speed and +2 ac in vehicle combat. you can also perform the Hot Shot Maneuver once per encounter.

Ship’s Gunner – You’ve mastered the art of aerial combat and gain +2 to attack and damage rolls to all shipboard weaponry. You also perform the Overload Attack once per encounter.

Ship’s Engineer – You gain a profound knowledge of all things related to magic essence powered vehicles and allows you trick out your ride. A vessel with one or more engineers also gains two healing surges. Any trained engineer can use a vessel’s healing surge as a standard action. These will be recharged when you take an extended rest.

Expertise – You automatically gain +1 to attack at level 5 at heroic, level 15 at paragon, and level 25 at epic

Class Changes/Additions:

  • Rogue – You may be a member of Silens Umbra as part of your background.
  • All divine classes – Any member of a divine class who worships the human god Autor may be a member of the Patronus Order.

House Rules

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