Tolornia -

100 generations ago the largest known continent of the world, Tolornia, faced a terrible scourge known as the Crag Rock Clan Conspiracy. After this dark time had come to pass, the major races of Tolornia returned to their own devices. Beyond minor border skirmishes between the human and orcs, the land was peaceful. In time, the terrible scourge that had taken place disappeared from the annals of history from all but the most studious of historians.

10 generations ago, the floating continent Valeria appeared in the sky. This led to an age of magic industrialization which would be known as “The Awakening”. Since that time, nearly all the races have strived to be the first to reach the seemingly unattainable goal of breaching the magic barrier and claiming the prize of Valeria as their own.

This industrial race led to its natural destiny. The gnomes of Bres developed the world’s first stable magical flying engine. Naturally the confederacy of Croncor sought to adapt this technology to their own naval fleet to match the ever increasing economic clout of savvy kingdoms such as Surpon and Mindle. In a stunning move, the confederacy “annexed” Bres. Not to be outdone by their human neighbors, the orc clans of the Sorkoni Desert once again unified to focus their efforts on mutual defense. The isolationists Lizardmen tried to cling to their old ways in their secluded mountain villages. The fey of Silvermoon watched in quiet solitude from their tall trees of the Mersisies Woodlands at the developments of the younger races. After untold ages of merely seeking material wealth, the dwarves of the Forbidden Mountains transformed their society from one of simple greed, to one of research and converted their vast engineering prowess from that of mining to archeology and anthropology.

Present Day -

Though there are no outright hostilities between any of the nations of Tolornia, “The Awakening” has led to the greatest technological advancements known in history and perhaps equally so, the greatest divisions the world has ever known. While diplomacy has always been the preferred method of dealing with disputes in Tolornia, political intrigue lurks behind dark alleyways, black market trafficking is rampant, the most heinous of research is performed all in the pursuit of Valeria. The villager you pass on the side of the road may be smiling on the surface, but behind that smile is a cold calculated plan of your demise. You are born into a world where you are judged not by who you are, but where you came from. Will you and your comrades be the ones to discover the truth about the floating continent Valeria? Will you be the ones to unify the people of Tolornia?

Your adventure begins in the local tavern of the magic research facility of Irbound…


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