Checkout the wiki for the campaign setting info. In a nutshell, the world is in a “space race” in the middle ages where magic essence, rather than electricity causes the industrial revolution.

Current Characters

  • PalaenaA Deva Invoker of Autor with an aversion to dirt, a need for revenge…and a snooty accent
  • EverfelA jack of all trades, relic hunting Drow rogue
  • NyxA Gnome Artificer, dreaded ADD magic essence tech abuser, and lovable leader
  • Action JacksonA human pirate bard, who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time
  • Theron- An elven avenger weilding a fullblade of death with the tenacity of a wolf hunting its prey
  • MargertA human swordmage defying all logical plausibility with the use of her giant sword
  • Satin HindA goliath warden traveling with her twin sister. Clearly she is the brawn of the operation. With their powers combined…
  • Satin Kamov – A goliath and twin sister of Satin. Clearly she is the brains of the operation. With their powers combined…
  • Stinky – swimming is too much like…bathing.

NPC/Guests/Former Allies:

  • Jaxlytylformer guest character. presumed dead.
  • GaiaA Genasi Fighter, “Gaia the Manslayer” (aka Good Fight) strikes fear into the hearts of men. Left the party to form the WNBA or “Women kick men in the Nads like Bad Asses” for short. Sadly this group formed an immediate bloody, but brief turf war with the NBA otherwise known as the “Natural Born Assassins” Guild. Apparently neither group survived. At least that’s the story Everfel shared with the party after one of his extended “fact finding missions”.
  • IshmaelThe self described “Deadly sting of goodness” half-orc rogue from a distant land. died in the gullet of a dragon. rest in pieces!
  • Komat’sufled the party after betrayal at the hands of his supposed friends and allies
  • Evisceratixleft the party after presumably completing his mission or perhaps due to his love of…living. Ironically, he suffered an unfortunate death on a ship headed to Sorencia. Apparently, a pointy-eared deckhand mistakenly attached some rigging to Evisceratix while he was sleeping in cat form on the mast during a violent storm. This led to a grisly evisceration that left chills in the entire crew. At least that’s the story Everfel shared with the party after one of his extended “fact finding missions”.

What kind of adventure doesn’t start with complete strangers guzzling down ale in a local tavern?...I’ll tell you lads. A sissy adventure, worthy of those snooty fey-kind in Silvermoon.Theodore “Bronze-eyes” Axegrinder


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