The Crimson Rose

The Crimson Rose is a heavy escort class hovercraft of croncorian design recently acquired by Martin VanHeigel the MXV. Unfortunately the ship saw a massive refit and was painted crimson red and had all its armaments stripped and replaced with roses and red draperies. Truly, upon coming into harbor, any seaman will shake his head upon seeing a vessel with the sad disposition of its emasuclated former self. Granted they may also shake their head due to the statue of a well-endowed man grafted onto its bow. At least that’s what the ship’s first mate and pilot Lodan is keenly reminded every time he is unfortunate enough to look up from the wheel.

Sadly, the Crimson Rose and most of her crew was lost at sea after a grueling battle with a giant water dragon. Thankfully, Martin (and Lodan) survived to continue Martin’s quest for profit…and Jackson…or both.

Special Rules:

  • Like most croncorian hovercraft, the Crimson Rose is designed to sail as a normal ship on the water and can freely travel in either water or hover mode. Though this was designed as an emergency functionality, Martin prefers the romantic imagery of a ship sailing on the high seas, and much to the chagrin of his first mate Lodan, often insists on the inefficient, and often dangerous sea based travel.

The Crimson Rose

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