The Apostles of Autor

General info

  • A small, but secret organization tasked with protecting the name of Autor and anything that would threaten Hidor through any means necssary. They are not officially sanctioned by the church of Autor or the throne of the Holy Emperor. This is theorized so that they can operate with complete autonomy and not be bogged down by meddling politicians.
  • It has been in existence since the early days of the ancient war between Autor and Demond.
  • The original members of this organization each carried a powerful amulet used to support their leader Autor. This is commonly accepted historically accurate, though it is based more on faith that any concrete proof. Many generations of this organization have spent their lives seeking the truth (and power) behind these amulets.

Known members

  • Silent Cloaked Swordsman – appears to be the leader of Judas’s organization. He can apparently command with little more than a glance. He has spoken to the party only once to invite them to the organization’s safe house in Lastilles and beyond that seems to observe the party with a curious gaze.
  • Judas the Inept – spokesman for the organization. The kind of guy who worked his way up through tenure rather than talent. Though he has tried to fill the party in on their goals, he still can not bring himself to fully trust the fringe elements of the party and is forced to consider the party an ally of necessity. It is possible that he himself knows little of the true power of the amulets; either way, he is not telling.
  • James the Giant – a large, grim axe wielding warrior who silently protects Judas as a bodyguard
  • Slim Jim – A tall, lanky rapier wielding guard who somewhat reluctantly protects Judas as a bodyguard. He is known to mock Judas outright for his blustering and is probably the one who created Judas’s nickname in the first place.
  • Thomas – known as the “Master of Disguise”, he was rescued from the organization from a life of a petty crime in the streets of a poor district of Hidor. He appears to be the organization’s messenger and a capable investigator. He wants to like the party and even helps them obtain the second amulet, but eventually leaves out of disgust as they are impossible to work with in his mind. Even still he is believed to have left information for the party from behind the scenes.
  • Simon – An agent assigned to Croncor. Rescued by the party from a group of marauding yeti bugbears. Passed along intel that one of the amulets may be located in the gnome lands of Bres.
  • Thaddeus- An agent assigned to Croncor. Rescued by the party from a group of marauding yeti bugbears.

Party Related Info:

  • every member encountered by the party has had good vibes and has never done anything to prevent Palaena and her gang from reaching their objectives and has usually offered help and supplies.
  • At this point the party’s reputation with this faction is in the reds. They are likely watching the actions of the party very closely…

The Apostles of Autor

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