Nestled in the southeastern portion of Tolornia, what is now known as the fiefdom of Surpon was originally discovered over 150 generations ago by a human cartography guild seeking to map all four corners of the continent. Upon seeing the relatively unsettled, fertile lands, ambitious members of the guild convinced wealthy financiers from Hidor and Mindle to invest in developing a colony that would be able to agriculturally support the booming populations of the human kingdoms. To lure people to these faraway lands, massive grants of land, capital investments, and protection were granted to those looking for an opportunity.

While this was sufficient for a time, the financiers and rulers of the other human nations began to focus on other projects as the crop yields grew. The investments were reduced and the soldiers were summoned back to their kingdoms unit by unit. This lead the fractured owners of these fiefs to form a mutual defense pact against the maruading orc tribes to the north and the primitive human tribes to the west. In time, savvy leaders of these fiefs realized the dependence the other human nations had on Surpon and formally declared complete political autonomy from the likes of Hidor and Mindle. Facing the potential for food shortages and civil unrest, these nations silently gave their approval.

As the same families had ruled these fiefs for generations it was decided that each fief would remain relatively autonomous yet united in a great fiefdom known as Surpon. Each fief would have a seat on a “Great Council” and have equal voting power. In order to ensure a sense of order, the Great Council would vote in a fief lord the powerful position as Councilman which would have the overall power to enforce laws of Surpon, sign alliances with other world powers, manage the military forces, etc. Most importantly, the Councilman would also be granted control over the economic powerhouse capital fief of Surpon(usually referred to a Surpon out of simplicity). While theoretically the Councilman could be replaced at anytime by a no-confidence vote of the “Great Council”, any fief lord worth his weight in gold knew how to keep his allies in the “Great Council” happy.

Amazingly enough, even with all of the corruption, Surpon remained one of the most powerful economic powerhouses of Tolornia due to its agricultural production and being the trading hub of the east. There were few power struggles and regime changes, as the common people had little to complain about. One exception however, was when in the aftermath of the Crag Rock Clan Conspiracy . The powerful Blarthon family ruled Surpon for over 20 generations. However, no bribes would keep the Baron Vladimir Blarthon XXIII in power after the humiliating military losses against the orcs and demons, as well as the economic fallout from the rampant destruction.

Since the time of “The Awakening”, the fiefdom of Surpon has waned in its political clout due to being naturally less equipped to become heavily industrialized. Indeed, to this day most fiefs are essentially small towns of single-story, multi-generational wooden houses and old cobble stone plazas surrounded by endless fields of wheat and rice. However, several enterprising fiefs have invested heavily in magical essence research on modifying crops and farming technology to increase yields, reduce costs, and revitalize lands which have become infertile over generations of over farming. In addition, Surpon is still the trading hub of the east and remains a powerful seaport.

The population of Surpon is predominantly made up humans, but also supports a large portion of elves and kinder due to its close proximity to the Mersisies Woodlands in the west and the Kinder islands to the south. Seeking a destiny other than as farmhands and herdsmen, many would be adventurers leave Surpon in search of fame and glory in the heavily industrialized human nations such as Mindle and Croncor.


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