Guildmasters of Croncor

Simeon Zuelfor- Supreme Guildmaster of the Confederacy of Croncor

Simeon Zuelfor (pictured right) is the recently elected guildmaster of the Croncor province and therefore the Supreme Guildmaster of the entire confederacy. Whereas many supreme guildmasters before him were micromanaging power mongers, Simeon has always been more interested in spending his days counting his the precious gemstones and gold coins that make up the massive fortune of his family. He is content to give his two fellow guildmasters near complete authority in all matters related to their respective provinces. In addition, much to the elation of his peers, he pays little mind “to that little, insignificant commonwealth of midgets to the south” also known as the Commonwealth of Bres, the newest addition to the confederacy. While it is commonly assumed his family bought their way into power, there is no question that Simeon is a shrewd businessman, and he has seen fit to surround himself with the finest economists and financiers known the world over. In turn he controls the vast wealth of the confederacy and awards large contracts to those he considers friend, and like it or not, any merchant worth his weight in gold goes to any means to make Simeon his friend.

Thaddeus Mocraime – Guildmaster of Fintor

Guildmaster Thaddeus Mocraime (pictured center) has been one of the longest serving guildmasters in Fintor’s history. He is known as a capable warrior, but more so as a naval tactician and engineering genius. As Fintor has always been the naval powerhouse behind the confederacy with its endless ship foundries and shipyards, it is also known for its prestigious naval academies. As was custom the sons of the powerful guild leaders of Fintor were trained at the academy by the harshest and most demanding of instructors. Thaddeus was no exception to this rule and due to his legendary photographic memory and keen intuition, he graduated at the top of his class. There are rumors that Thaddeus had personally designed some of the new, sleek ships to be tested with the gnomes floating engine. This combined with impressive victories in naval skirmishes with neighboring pirates from Sorencia led Thaddeus to rise quickly through the ranks. In one of the rare cases where the voting for the next guildmaster was not rigged, the popular Thaddeus defeated his opponents in a landslide (and some through less than publicly known methods). He has remained unopposed in every election since then due to his popularity with the guilds and the commoners alike. Though he is as harsh and demanding as any trained with a military background, he is one of the few honorable politicians of Croncor to have anything remotely resembling a positive disposition from leaders of the other nations of Tolornia, much to the jealousy of his fellow guildmasters.

Bolfrom Hauggel – Guildmaster of Fongor

Guildmaster Bolfrom Hauggel (pictured left) also known as “Bolfrom the Barbarian” or “Bolfrom the Brute” is the bullish, loud mouthed, irritable guild master of Fongor. As Fongor is the northernmost province of the confederacy in the frigid tundra of the Northlands and has little to offer economically other being the source of fish and whale that feeds the majority of the confederacy, it in turns offers cold, greedy individuals from a cold and savage landscape who believe in culling the weak from the herd. It is no secret that Bolfrom believes in these Fongorian philosophies as he was raised to recite them from an early age. He rose to the ranks of guildmaster by the traditional method of dueling the former guildmaster in mortal combat in the massive arena located in the center of the Fongor. Though Bolfrom is considered barbaric by most nations of Tolornia, even the other Croncorian provinces, Bolfrom nonetheless supplies with confederacy with a much needed beefy infantry in order to compete with the orderly legions at the disposal of the rival human empire of Hidor. It is also no secret that Bolfrom reserves a special hatred for supreme guildmaster due to Simeon’s lackadaisical approach to the gnomes of Bres, and has been rumored to fund several attempts on Simeon’s life as well as undermine him at every legitimate opportunity.

Guildmasters of Croncor

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