What is now known as the Confederacy of Croncor was once no more than a group of three fiefdoms formed initially by merchant guilds known as Croncor, Fintor, and Fongor. Nestled on the northwestern corner of Tolornia along the Sea of Sorencia, these three fiefdoms were in constant competition as port towns and fishing hubs. After all, the nearby continent of Sorencia was a great source of trade for raw goods. This competition (and need for survival) led all three of these nations into forming the strongest naval fleets in all of Tolornia. However, Croncor, Fintor, and Fongor were never outright hostile towards one another, and were even known to ally upon times of invasion from marauding Sorencian privateers.

Naturally as generations passed and The Awakening arrived, the guild masters realized that in order to compete against the likes of the other human nations of Mindle and Surpon as well as the other races, a formal alliance needed to be formed. After many years of haggling back and forth and broken promises between each party, the economically superior fiefdom of Croncor essentially bought the leadership stakes of the other two guilds. In effect, Croncor had acquired Fintor and Fongor through a hostile takeover(simply in economic terms of course). In order to win over the common people of the other two fiefdoms, the guild master of Croncor decided to divide the new alliance into three provinces by the same names with each province having a large amount of autonomy. Hence, the Confederacy of Croncor had formed and become the largest naval power and a formidable economic powerhouse of Tolornia.

However, naval power and economic prowess were hardly a match for the hundreds of generations of magic research of Mindle or the thousands of generations of engineering traditions of the dwarves. Quickly realizing that the confederacy was falling behind in the magic industrial race to reach the floating continent, spies were sent to all the prominent nations to find that one piece of the puzzle that would finally bring the confederacy to the forefront of Tolornia. In time an infiltrator in Bres discovered the perfect invention for Croncor, a floating engine. The opportunity could not be ignored. If this floating engine technology could be applied to Croncor’s massive naval fleet, the possibilities were endless. That combined with Commonwealth of Bres bordering the confederacy made the decision of the guild master council immediate.

At first the confederacy offered economic incentives to the dreaded gnomes. When the gnomes master engineers refused Croncor decided to send a massive “corp of engineers” to help “collaborate” and “motivate” the research into applying the floating engine to actual ships. The gnomes of Bres were then generous enough to see the big picture and “voluntarily” join the confederacy as a vassal state, so that they could continue their research for the greater good of life.

Due to long, harsh winters, the towns within the confederacy are spartan in design and function. Never will you see massive estates with gardens, plazas, and high end boutiques. Rather, space is maximized for ship foundries, docks, and warehouses. Indeed, while supporting the basic needs of life, the confederacy is a bleak place and not known for its thriving tourism industry. In fact, many travelers complain of the nauseating stench of the endless fish markets and whaling stations upon first entering even the capital cities.

The confederacy is made up primarily of humans and gnomes, but is also one of the few civilized nations to openly allow Elnarian citizens. Many adventurers come from the confederacy of Croncor seeking money and fame, but often have difficulty establishing trust with those from the rest of Tolornia due to the confederacy’s reputation.


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