Bres, Also known as the land of the gnomes, has always been known as the center of trinkets, gizmos and technology(in that order). Surrounded by calm, rolling plains, the gnomes of Bres always knew peace and harmony with the other races of Tolornia. As one of the oldest nations in Tolornia, the gnomes of Bres never knew the pain of war or deceit. Many of the most powerful nations on Tolornia trusted the gnomes not only as competent inventors and traders, but also as neutral arbitrators of disputes.

That is until the Awakening. After the port towns of Croncor, Fintor, and Fonger unified under the confederacy of Croncor things began to change for Bres. Hoping to capitalize on their momentum as a quickly growing nation with a naval fleet admired across the continent, agents of Croncor had learned about the development of a “floating engine” by the ingenious gnomes of Bres. At first Croncor offered exchanges of goods and services. The gnomes noted the advantage the Croncorians would gain and denied the very existence of such a fantastic invention. Finally, in one of the first mobilizations of troops in generations, Croncor sent a massive force to help “motivate” and “supervise” Bres into applying their knew technology to Croncors massive naval ship fleet.

Since that time, Bres has been a vassal state of the confederacy of Croncor. While officially the gnomes voluntarily gave up their sovereingty, the rest of the world quietly accepted the facts. They too had underestimated Croncor and willingly surrendered a powerful asset to the Croncorians all in the name of diplomacy and peace.

Though the capital of Bres has been heavily influenced by Croncorian architecture and engineering, the outlying regions of Bres have been able to retain their gnomish heritage. The countryside is littered with small hovels and townships filled with an odd assortment of traditional straw/wooden huts and brick and mortar estates. Streets are commonly lined with an equal amount of second hand stores, groceries, and metallic lawn “sculptures”. It is not unusual to walk through fields of wheat and suddenly trip on some long forgotten gnomish invention. Indeed, one can almost forget that Bres is a vassal state of Croncor based on his eerily serene surroundings.

While there is a strong human contingent of troops in Bres, Gnomes still maintain a large portion of the population. There are also pockets of dwarves and fey-kind hoping to find the newest gnomish inventions. While adventurers from Bres are rare, there are individuals who work behind the scenes to liberate Bres and fight the good fight.


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