Session 1
Let's get this party started!

After barreling his way through town after town my bumbling oaf of a comrade Komat’su, that pretentious female Palaena, and that smelly elnarian Everfel found their way to a bustling bar on the island town of Irbound. While I assume they were here in search of information, I was more interested in that tasty looking cat that I had noticed running behind the alley. Anyway I digest…the evening was still young, and the mood was fairly festive. I noticed a motley assortment of factory workers, local dignitaries, off duty guards, as well as a select few who look they’ve seen their fair share of adventuring. There was a spastic looking female gnome tinkering with something behind the bar. There was also a lanky looking elf or eladrin with a giant fullblade sheathed over his shoulder. I can rarely tell the pointy-ears apart. I also noticed a well dressed human bard with an eye patch flirting with an intimidating female who seemed to be sizing him up for lunch. I know that look well.

After awhile a silent, a hooded figure sitting in a dark corner abruptly left his table and headed toward the exit. However, as he passed the bar, the stranger turned towards Everfel and gave him this really creepy smile. I felt dirty and ashamed just being within the vicinity. As he moved on, I did notice his metal jaw, his numerous piercings along his face, and perhaps most disturbingly a set of pointy ears. Indeed Everfel noticed as well and informed us that the stranger was one of those eladrin pedophile bastards. Our barkeep leaned over and told us that the eladrin was a famous magic essence geneticist who had been hired by a local business as a consultant. The impulsive Palaena then blurted out the question if the barkeep had heard any information about her missing artifact. The barkeep gave her a puzzled look, as Komat’su and I rolled our eyes. Before they could continue their conversation, suddenly there was a scream…

I looked over Komat’su’s shoulder and saw these giant rats pouring in from all directions. They were almost cute, except for their eerie solid white eyes and their front legs having been replaced with scimitars. Before we could even act, the rats had managed to pounce on several unfortunate tavern patrons. Sensing the danger, I immediately retreated within the relative safety of Komat’su’s backpack. I didn’t really see what happened during the battle, but based on Ko’matsu’s screams of “Bring on the pain!!!”, I suspect it was vicious.

After the battle, I was exhausted, so I went to sleep. Occassionally I was awakened by Komat’su’s exclamations of how the rat stew tasted rotten. and some meaningless introductions from the bard named “Action” Jackson and his intimidating lady friend “Gaia the Man-Slayer” as well as the high pitched hyperactive gnome, Nyx Waywocket who was babbling on about go faster machines and the elf named Theron. Throw in some random teleporting and another mysterious hooded figure who tempted Palaena with rumors of her artifact at the filthy eladrin’s lighthouse hideout. Naturally Palaena convinced the group to travel through the slums of Irbound to reach the lighthouse. Then I had to try to sleep in Komat’su’s pack as he ran through the endless streets and alleyways. It was like sleeping on a rhino wracked by seizures as it twisted back and forth on a pile of large rocks. Frankly at this point I was tired of being startled from my slumber. I angrily climbed on to Komat’su’s shoulder and started gnawing on his ear. He seemed not to notice, as he was distracted by yet again another battle…

This time it was the Lertani gang vs the Dunley boys vs our ever expanding group of troublemakers. The giant half-orc Dunley and his elder brother, the tiny kender Dunley charged after Palaena while the Lertani gang went straight for Komat’su and myself. In short order, our party did the world a favor and sent these bumbling oafs to the Raven Queen. In the aftermath, I quickly rummaged through the Lertanis’ bodies to see if they possessed any more of those delicious eggs. Sadly there was nothing of value to be found.

We continued on till we could see what looked like the battered remains of a lighthouse overlooking the great Sea of Sorencia…

- Kevlar the Wolveroo

Session 2
A hormone ridden Eladrin teenager and her beloved master

Upon reaching the lighthouse, the party discovered it was little more than the ruins of an ancient fort probably used in defense from pirate invasions of Sorencia. After searching for a bit, Palaena started hearing voices in her head. This young female sounding voice told her to go through a door that she would summon so they could dispose of her master. Naturally the party gave Palaena a funny look, but nonetheless a large ornately designed wooden door appeared and the party leaped in.

After what seemed like unbearable pain as their bodies were torn apart and reassembled, the party appeared at to what appeared to be the lighthouse in its prime condition in the midst of a great battle. Curiously everything outside of the immediate vicinity was in gray scale, the sounds of cannon fire and clanging metal were muffled, and the images appeared blurred and more suggestive of what was going on. Based on the surroundings, Action Jackson was reminded of the epic story of the last significant Sorencian pirate invasion of Tolornia, in which the last stand was fought at this very spot. The party deduced that they had been brought back to this point in history, for reasons only an Eladrin would know.

Palaena then suddenly started hearing the voice in her head again, as the girl revealed herself to be the apprentice of her beloved master, who needed to be stopped from his devious experiments. She would meet the party within the lighthouse, and together they would stop him from his atrocities. Before they could enter however, a phalanx of guards grafted on to magic essence powered legs of stone had to be defeated.

As they traveled up the lighthouse, the met up with the girl named E’lyna who turned out be a young, unnaturally attractive eladrin teenager who’s left arm had been mutated into a fleshy magic essence arm cannon. She appeared embarrassed about her condition, as it is considered taboo to perform experiments on fellow unwilling eladrin. Yet, E’lyna was still very excited to hear about the party’s scimitar arm rat encounter in the bar, as it was her idea to graft the scimitars on to their bodies. Regardless of her motives, she led the party to her master’s chamber at the top of the lighthouse.

As they prepared to enter the room, the party listened as an effeminate sounding eladrin voice was giving a report to a mysterious sounding female which abruptly ended. After given the ready signal, E’lyna opened the door and the party casually walked in. Just as casually, the twisted eladrin from the bar looked up from his desk and beckoned the party in. He revealed his name to be Dathir Stormreaver and asked the party several questions about the effectiveness of the scimitar rats as well as for general suggestions for improvements. Suddenly, E’lyna screamed out, “How could you do this to me, you bastard!!” and shot a powerful blast from magic arm cannon. Though Dathir was able to evade the blast, an important looking globe shaped artifact spinning in the center of the room was not so fortunate. And neither was E’lyna as Dathir shot back with a powerful force that knocked E’lyna through a window to her death as her body was torn apart in the swirling border around the lighthouse.

The party then charged into Dathir and his flanking guards. After a fierce battle, and Komat’su’s killing blow, Dathir pointed at the damaged globe artifact and cackled as his body vanished into thin air. Palaena and Action Jackson theorized that they had merely killed a shadow of Dathir and that the globe artifact was keeping the lighthouse suspended in time. Before they could think much more about the situation, the lighthouse began to collapse. After taking a detour down the lighthouse and freeing four malformed prisoners of Dathir, Komat’su ran ahead to secure the party’s escape and kill two of innocent prisoners who had run ahead in the process. After the rest of the party and prisoners caught up to Komat’su, he pointed to the grisly remains of the prisoners and said, “they didn’t make it…”. Palaena was horrified, but there was no time for bickering, and the party escaped into the portal just in the nick of time…

- The Unseen Overseer

Session 3
The mysterious stranger reveals himself, and a famous merchant hires a new cabin boy

After a painful journey, the party was summarily tossed into a heap as the magical door cracked and shattered into a hail of splinters. After a tense stand off with Komat’su, the party gathered their composure and started back to town to bring the lone surviving prisoner of Dathir to the local hospital. The prisoner was a rather interesting fellow by the name of Lodan who told stories of his exploits as a privateer of the Sea of Sorencia. The party took note of his glowing white “good” eye, and that his wooden peg leg was his only natural limb, as the rest has been replaced with magic powered stone limbs. The local hospital also took note of this, and summarily referred the party to the nearest temple of Genaea (a Goddess of healing). The local priest there smiled and assured the party, “It’ll be fine!”, as the pirate was brought to the far recesses of the temple. The party then returned to the hideout for some R&R to decide on what to do next.

The next morning, they were awakened to the sight of the mysterious figure from before eerily staring at them with two others at his side. After an awkward conversation, the party learned that the mysterious stranger was named Judas, that his two associates were “Slim Jim” and “James the Giant”, and that yes, subtlety was not Judas’s strong suit. They rewarded the party for their efforts in making the world a better place with one less eladrin and informed them that there were rumors of Palaena’s amulet appearing in the town of Bons to the south.

As a majority of the party were wanted criminals, it was decided that travel by sea would be the safest route, unfortunately, there was only one vessel taking a straight voyage to Bons, a large juggernaut of a hovercraft of Croncorian design. Even more unfortunately the party discovered that this vessel had recently been acquired by none other than the world renown merchant Martin Vanheigel the MXV

Upon seeing the immense value in having a pirate with the…attributes of Action Jacksom, Martin smiled and quickly agreed to bringing the party along, on the condition that they would help make the draconian vessel, more “seaworthy”. After reading in between the lines, Palaena and Nyx were able to muster up enough supplies to paint the entire hull ship a crimson red with Nyx’s Whirling Autopaint-O-Matic 200zp, and decorate it with dried red roses. Unfortunately for the engineering crew, Nyx’s device ran out of red paint, and it had to improvise. Fortunately Action Jackson managed to use his skills to acquire a crew of salty sea dogs including a new first mate – Lodan. Martin saw fit to reward Action Jackson for his deeds the honorary position of “Cabin Boy” that included the perk of having his own private quarters, which curiously only locked from the outside and even more curiously was directly beside Captain Martin’s quarters.

After the refit, the vessel was appropriately named “The Crimson Rose”, and Martin decided to set off for Bons in search of new opportunities. After a harrowing journey that included a brutal encounter with a pack of man-sized flying razorbeak Piranhas and Martin’s insatiable desires. Upon reaching Bons, Martin tossed Jackson his ornate hat and winked knowingly, informing Jackson that he could return to join his crew at any time.

Finally, the party had arrived at their destination with no casualties and Action Jackson’s innocence mostly intact…

- The Unseen Overseer

Session 4
Airboats, Turduckens, and Vampiric Warforged Oh my!
  • party arrives in Bons
  • party is hired by a local “economically vital” business to investigate the mysterious deaths/disapperances of the business’s “merchandise” caused by a mysterious figure that could run through buildings with minimal effort, had glowing eyes, and the head of a krokogator, also bearing a mysterious amulet.
  • Gautreaux the Shifter fisherman is hired with his trusty airboat to travel in the direction the mysterious murdered traveled.
  • on the way to a hunting village, the party encounters two young lizardfolk being attacked by a pack of turduckens and krokogators. they help the lizardfolk(Krysshiss and Lithsyth) out and discover that they are on an adulthoot quest to slay the legendary ferocious Kroxigor.
  • party arrives in the village and travel to the sight of an abandoned mill. after searching they discover the entrance to a mysterious ancient ruin…
  • Everfell deduces that the ruin was the site of an ancient elnarian citadel, related to the ancient Elnarian kingdom that controlled the lands surrounding Tritor Forest to the north.
  • The party encounters a group of the missing “merchandise” who have been freed by their beloved master, a mysterious vampiric warforged named Ig899 that had been been given to Autor by the elnarians as a protector and personal servant. The party slays him and his corrupted view of law and order and sends his remaining servants to their proper death. The party does discover however that there are twelve of the amulets each worn by Autor’s inner circle of knights that resemble the one stolen from Palaena’s temple, and that the one on the warforged’s corpse is likely not the one she was looking for.
Session 5
The great hunt for the "ferocious" Kroxigor
  • Upon returning to the surface, the party hears the screams of pain and the sounds of destruction from the nearby village
  • The party arrives to the scene of a vicious, gigantic reptilian creature on top of the town inn tearing apart what little is left of the village. They also notice Krysshiss and Lithsyth attacking from the ground below.
  • After a pathetically brief battle, the “legendary” beast is dealt a deathblow by a combination attack from Krysshiss and Lithsyth’s vicious looking polearms.
  • the party hears screams coming from two of the burning buildings in town, Krysshiss and Lithsyth go to a smaller home and rescues a few adults there, while Komat’su, Gaia, and Palaena run into the burning inn. After a grueling crawl through burning embers, the party manages to save two adolescents and their pet rat.
  • Unfortunately the town was in ruins and the sounds of other dangerous beasts filled the air, so the party quickly threw down the majority of the evidence of their exploits, including the giant kroxigor head, shoved the survivors onto the airboat and hightailed it back to Bons.
Session 6
A new twist on half-eladrin, and a heroes return?
  • on the way back to Bons, the party is ambushed by a group of three eladrin airboats. Action Jackson manages to cause one of them to crash, the other two catch up and they fight a literal half-human grafted on to a half-eladrin by the name of Skadelator and her mind controlled Drow named Ga’el. The other airboat takes off led by another eladrin named Bizel.
  • party keeps Ga’el alive and brings his comatose body back with them.
  • party makes it back to Bons and is able to show proof that they have completed their investigation, and turn the survivors from the kroxigor destroyed village over to the authorities
  • Jackson uses his skills of negotiation to organize a grand celebration in the inn that included some of the surviving merchandise from their previous employer. In disgust Gaia goes outside to beat up men on the street and hang them from lamp posts by their undies. Nyx is too busy in her room drooling over her new warforged bits. Palaena merely goes to sleep from exhaustion.
  • the next morning the party, with the exception of Jackson who is still celebrating, walk outside to decide their next course of action…
Session 7
Who let Komat'su out of his cage?
  • Suddenly the party is surrounded by town guards that attempt to arrest the party for treason. Komat’su murders the head guard in cold blood, while Theron and Jackson escape. The remainder of the party surrenders and is brought to the local jail.
  • The mayor and the suspicious looking eladrin named Bizel approach the party in its cell accusing them of conspiracy and treason in the destruction of the village where they had fought the ferocious Kroxigor, as well as the murder of “Ambassador” Bizel’s associate Skadelator. Oh and they discover that the guard Komat’su had murdered had just been promoted and given her first command. Gaia convinced the mayor to give them an opportunity to prove their innocence by bringing back proof that it was the Kroxigor that had destroyed the town.
  • The party returns to the village and discovers that all evidence of the Kroxigor has been removed, most likely by agents of Bizel.
  • The party seeks out the lizardfolk village nearby to ask their help in proving their “innocence”.
Session 8
Of amazing flying things and their sad sad demise


The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Komat’su is insane. We’re in the middle of the wilderness, days away from a good bath or anything resembling a gadget shop (or even a mechanically inclined rubbish bin), and I’m stuck cleaning mantis shrimp goo out of my pack- again. The celebration welcoming us as members of the Lizardman Tribe was fun, but there were way too many sharpened sticks and not nearly enough flame throwers. Parties are much more fun with flame throwers… or jet packs.

Speaking of jet packs, on the way back to town we saw a really awesome magic essence harvester that would have been really fun to upgrade. ‘Course Komatsu didn’t seem to see things that way. Some very creapy jumbo-bugs pulled it down. Their wings were pretty, but way too flimsy to do anything with. Good-fight and the others hacked em off without any trouble, and they were completely shredded after just a few thunder blasts. The butterfly-wuss babies were pretty scary though. They’re the ones that killed the ship’s crew. We tried to save them. We really REALLY tried very hard, but there were just too many of them. By the time we got to the crew they were being eaten from the inside out. They were Eladrin pedophiles, but even so no one deserves to die that way…

Which is how I almost got the most super duper awesome go-faster device ever! All it would have needed was a jet engine and a weapons system (with butterfly seek and destroy missiles), and a little bit of repair work and it would have gotten us outta the city before anyone coulda gotten upset about us not coming back in time. Sure it would have made us look guilty, but we found out later that the whole innocence thing doesn’t really matter when the Mayor’s been turned into a zombie.

But yeah. about why I’m not talking to Komat’su. I was already laying out the plans for upgrading the ship so it could take us to Monomor (or somewhere on the other side of the continent) when Komat’su went nuts and started destroying stuff. He was all about how we were proving our innocence (which he didn’t seem to care about AT ALL when he was killing innocent townsfolk). Then I told him how all that stuff wouldn’t matter once I upgraded this beauty with a new jet engine- and he went ballistic. I couldn’t really understand what he was saying.

Some other stuff went on once we got back to town (like we went to talk to the mayor-zombie, and I got to play with some of the magic essence we rescued from my poor, poor go faster device), but I wasn’t really interested in most of that. Only bright spot of being back in town was I found a really cool shop with lots of neat stuff and an amazing mechanic named Glix Gimblenoggin. He’s going to look into figuring out how we can safely remove the mind control devices from people’s brains without making them go comatose. We really need to wake up the guard that Komat’su slaughtered… after she’d probably be more than willing to help me return the favor.

Well off to check out a dark and dingy sewer the Sneaky Bits decided to investigate.

Nyx Waywocket
Engineer Extraordinaire!

Session 9
Here's a story...of a man named Buraidy...and a new ally to join the bunch!

After Komat’su and Theron’s discovered the entrance to the city sewers beneath the abandoned factory, the noble group of adventurers formed a party to raid the newly discovered dungeon, because there was a mystery to solve, a lead to follow, and hopefully, more innocent people to in the name of…justice.

Meanwhile a random female warrior wielding a giant sword was hired to investigate the circumstances behind disappearance of the former sheriff of town, and the ever increasing power the newcomer Bizel seemed to be gaining from the increasingly aloof mayor of Bons. While some in town questioned why this female “investigator” with no known investigative skills or exploits was prepaid a significant portion from the treasury upfront, or even hired at all for that matter, the local Bons magistrate astutely pointed out, “she has a giant sword…”

In any case, our adventurers paddled their way through the dingy sewers of Bons on a seemingly out of place flatboat. The more observant members of the party led the boat to the north side of town where after a time, a section of the sewer wall was discovered collapsed revealing a tightly woven path.

Upon sneaking down the pathway, the group found an entrance to what appeared to be a subbasement guarded by a pair of eladrin arguing about the most efficient methods for grafting krokogator limbs to halfling babies. After a quick dispatch by Komat’su and Theron and some fast talking by the party the door was opened and the party continued the murderous rampage of innocent eladrin guards which were apparently guarding very little of value. However, the alarm to the building had been set and after meeting up with the fullblade wielding female warrior private investigator and having a heart to heart, the party finally decided to turn off the alarm and continue on through what would end up being a house for sale by B.L. Realty. After reaching the master bedroom of the house, the party discovered a creepy picture of an unnaturally happy family of eight led by none other than Komat’su’s favorite town guard by the name of Sgt. Buraidy.

Upon reaching the attic, the party discovered a mysterious door marked with eladrin runes which apparently turned people into various animals for those who dared to pass through. After a time, the party went through one by one and appeared at the entrance that looked eerily similar to the same house, but in a much more eladrin gothic atmosphere. As it was night time, they discovered that the six bedrooms which had been previously unoccupied now housed sleeping deformed children of clearly eladrin manipulation. After some clever tinkering by Nyx, the power to the house was disrupted, and the children(who were identical to those in the picture with the exception of their enhanced bodies) were interrupted from their slumber…

- The Unseen Overseer

Session 10
I guess this is a bad time to bring up the mind control devices?

After hearing the screams of their comrades, Komat’su, Palaena, Nyx, and Theron rushed up to the second floor of the mansion just in time to see the door to the master bedroom slam shut. Komat’su tried in vain to hack the door to pieces, but the horrifying voices on the other side of the door led Theron and Komat’su to charge into the door. As a cruel joke, the door was opened just before the point of impact and the dynamic duo nearly fell in their posteriors.

However, this room was no simple bedroom. Rather it looked like something that only a twisted eladrin could conjure up with various magic devices lining the room. On left and right wings of the room, Action Jackson and that Private investigator chick with the sword were strapped to lab tables flanked by the girls and boys respectively. The trapped party members were connected to various wires that seemed to be drawing energy towards an energy shield protecting the far side of the room. Within the shield were a suspended Everfel and Gaia which appeared to be amplifying the magic aura a middle aged human female mage, as well as her partner, Sgt. Buraidy.

Seeing their friends in obvious pain, the party charged forth and took out the children and freed Action and the Private Investigator in the nick of time. As the shield collapsed, a raging Komat’su charged ahead to make short work of Sgt Buraidy in a powerful flurry of blows and followed with a maddening charge to the female mage. Theron ran in for the killing blow and managed to free Everfel and Gaia.

After searching the room, the party discovered an intact globe shaped relic that was nearly identical to the one that had been damaged in their previous adventure in Dathir Stormreaver’s lighthouse dimension. The party then escaped back to their home dimension and discovered a warforged by the name of Alice locked within her regeneration chamber. Naturally, the majority of the party were extremely alarmed as Alice asked Nyx where Master Buraidy was. Nyx was left to fend for herself as the rest of the party fled in terror.

After getting Alice repaired by Nyx’s new friend, the enthusiastic shopkeep Glix, Nyx traded her warforged arm for a set of four mind control devices to use in an attempt to overload Bizel through a feedback loop, as it was theorized that Bizel controlled his subjects through an implant in his brain. Glix was VERY confident it would work, as he had added several new magical wards that would TOTALLY protect the party from coming under Bizel’s power. The only trick was to find four noble souls willing to submit to the risk, but that was a problem Nyx was certain she could solve…

However, by the time Nyx has returned to the inn to rest, it was the middle of the night and had to politely as her new friend Alice if she could vacuum over in the boys’ room as she really wanted to get some sleep. After all it has been ages since Alice had had the opportunity to perform her primary function of housekeeping, and she could hardly wait for something as insignificant as daylight. This would ultimately lead to a disaster, as the boys did eventually return to find a warforged randomly moving about their room. Komat’su and Theron in their already tired and traumatized state charged in to attack as Nyx jumped on Komat’su’s shoulder trying to explain and Palaena used her power to slide Komatsu away from the horrified Alice.

At this point Komat’su finally snapped and lost nearly all sense of sanity. He screamed how all his friends had come under Bizel’s mind control, jumped out the window, and fled from the town in terror. Theron chased ahead after him, but was only able to convince Komat’su to use some explosives to destroy Bizel’s ship at the docks on his way out of town. Upon reaching the edge of town, Kevlar stared up at Komat’su as if to say something, then jumped off of Komat’su’s shoulder in his routine hunt for a snack, but it was clear to Komat’su that Kevlar would not be returning…

In the end, the remainder of the party stood in the silence of their own thoughts, as Palaena stood with her shoulders slumped as she stared out of the window in sadness…

...Suddenly Nyx’s eyes brightened and she excitedly blurted out, “So I guess this is a bad time to bring up the mind control devices???

- The Unseen Overseer


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