Oblivious wrecking ball with a delicious sidekick

  • Komat’su, level 30
  • Goliath, Barbarian, Stoneblessed, Prison of the Winds
  • Feral Might: Rageblood Vigor
  • Background: Geography – Urban (Streetwise class skill)
  • Str 26, Con 28, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14.
  • Str 16, Con 16, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12.
  • AC: 48 Fort: 42 Reflex: 39 Will: 38
  • HP: 217 Surges: 17 Surge Value: 54
  • Streetwise +22, Athletics +29, Acrobatics +22, Stealth +22
  • Arcana +16, Bluff +17, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +15, Endurance +23, Heal +15, History +16, Insight +15, Intimidate +19, Nature +17, Perception +15, Religion +16, Thievery +17
  • Level 1: Warrior of the Wild
  • Level 2: Goliath Greatweapon Prowess
  • Level 4: Deadly Rage
  • Level 6: Power Attack
  • Level 8: Hide Armor Expertise
  • Level 10: Improved Rageblood Vigor
  • Level 11: Charging Rampage
  • Level 12: Blood Thirst
  • Level 14: Devastating Critical
  • Level 16: Unyielding Stone
  • Level 18: Lightning Reflexes (retrained to Opportune Reflexes at Level 24)
  • Level 20: Iron Will (retrained to Indomitable Will at Level 25)
  • Level 21: Ancient Stone
  • Level 22: Enduring Rage
  • Level 24: Axe Mastery
  • Level 26: Epic Resurgence
  • Level 28: Primal Resurgence
  • Feat User Choice: Weapon Expertise (Axe)
  • Level 30: Unfettered Stride
  • Barbarian at-will 1: Devastating Strike
  • Barbarian at-will 1: Howling Strike
  • Barbarian encounter 1: Avalanche Strike
  • Barbarian daily 1: Rage Drake’s Frenzy (retrained to Bloodhunt Rage at Level 4)
  • Barbarian utility 2: Tiger’s Leap
  • Barbarian encounter 3: Blade Sweep
  • Barbarian daily 5: Clawfoot Berserker Rage
  • Barbarian utility 6: Combat Surge
  • Barbarian encounter 7: Curtain of Steel
  • Barbarian daily 9: Frenzied Beast Rage
  • Barbarian utility 10: Deny Death
  • Barbarian encounter 13: Storm of Blades (replaces Blade Sweep)
  • Barbarian daily 15: Thunderfury Rage (replaces Frenzied Beast Rage)
  • Barbarian utility 16: Spur the Cycle
  • Barbarian encounter 17: Threatening Fury (replaces Avalanche Strike)
  • Barbarian daily 19: Hydra Rage (replaces Bloodhunt Rage)
  • Barbarian utility 22: Untouched
  • Barbarian encounter 23: This One is Mine! (replaces Threatening Fury)
  • Barbarian daily 25: Rage of the Unbridled Beast (replaces Clawfoot Berserker Rage)
  • Barbarian encounter 27: Hurricane of Blades (replaces Storm of Blades)
  • Barbarian daily 29: World Serpent Rage (replaces Thunderfury Rage)
  • Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, Dawn Warrior Elderhide Armor +6, Iron Armbands of Power (epic tier), Boots of Speed (epic tier), Gauntlets of Blood (epic tier), Essence of the Wisp (epic tier), War Ring (paragon tier), Ring of Fury (paragon tier), Periapt of Wound Closure +6, Belt of Breaching (paragon tier), Vorpal Greataxe +6, Strongheart Tattoo (epic tier)
  • Height: 8’1”
  • Weight: 345 lbs.
  • Age: 22
  • Hair: yellowish orange, mid-back, braided in many thin braids.
  • Eyes: dark turquoise, pupil-less
  • Skin: dark reddish brown.
    • Markings: white; fine spirals on his arms, chest and back; curved lines on the sides of his face, chin, and around his eyes.
    • Lithoderms: coin-sized bone growths on his lower arms, shoulders and upper back.

Komat’su was born and raised in the Delgorian Marshlands, in the town of Hadras. By the standards of most other races the three buildings that formed Hadras wouldn’t even constitute a village. But as far as these Goliaths were concerned it was a mighty metropolis. From birth he was already different from other Goliaths. His unusual markings were interpreted by many elders, and they all agreed that Komat’su is destined to acts of extraordinary heroism or utmost evil. Growing up Komat’su was learning the age old trade of being a trapper, something his family excelled at. But to their dismay, Komat’su never could get the finer points of the trade. He would constantly wander around wrestling fully grown drakodiles, krokogators, and an occasional Platypus Rex (his mother cooked a mean velociduck and platypus gumbo). While he was great at bringing the beasts down, the only way he could ever find one by himself was to step on one.

While on one of his “hunting expeditions” he “tracked down” the dreaded boarhead kayman. The beast clamped it’s massive jaws around Komat’su’s leg and tried to drag him under the murky waters for a snack later on. It did not expect it’s meal to pry open its jaws, pull himself free, drag it to the shore, and beat it down with a log. While killing the beast was not a difficult task, bringing it back to town as a challenge. While Komat’su was quite strong, boarhead kaymans are notoriously heavy due to their skeleton slowly turning to stone as they age, and this one was very old. His return home with the slain beast was a proud moment for his family, and there weren’t many of those. Out of the kayman’s preserved head he fashioned an axe for himself, which he proudly named after his mother, Kresh’ta, which roughly translated to either “one who smashes faces” or “one who eats babies”.
Note: Replace “hunting expeditions” with “completely and utterly lost” and “tracked down” with “stepped on”.

As if his total lack trapping skill wasn’t enough of an embarrassment to his poor parents, he also wanted to travel beyond the Marshland and see the world, like some unwashed elf. On many occasions he would tag along with the pelt traders who would travel between the scattered Goliath cities, only to come back home after a week or two. At the tender age of 14 he decided that the life of a trapper was not for him and left his family to become a pelt trader. While this broke his parents’ hearts, they knew that the life of a trapper was not for him. It was not the fact that he left that was so painful, but rather that he chose to become a filthy trader instead of taking up a more noble profession, such as saber toad dung collector or serpent ooze wrangler.

Over the next few years Komat’su traveled with the fur traders between many Goliath and Shifter cities. Couple of times a year the traders would visit the human metropolis of Dunvar. First few times Komat’su was overwhelmed by the throng of people swarming throughout the city like ants, and the twenty or so building seemed like a jungle of wooden and stone buildings. While dealing with merchants in Dunvar, the fur traders found Komat’su to be a very useful asset in their negotiations. During those trips to Dunvar he learned the basics of survival on the streets of a large city, a skill that would become invaluable to him later on in his life. In fact he found navigating through the bustling human metropolis far easier than the treacherous swamps he grew up in.

One day while traversing the Marshland the traders got lost (not unusual) and wondered unknowingly into a nest of behemoth wasps. These man sized insects are trouble when encountered alone, a swarm of them can devour a fully grown mammoth tigerfish in a matter of minutes. Faced with a swarm of these wasps Komat’su did what any self respecting adventurer would do; he ran for his life like a little elf. The only reason he escaped with his life was the fact that the wasps were slowed down by the traders, whom were either devoured on the spot, or had eggs laid in them only to be devoured from the inside at a later date. To this day this was the most shameful moment in his life, and he does not speak of it.

Having lost his companions and the airboat, Komat’su wandered throughout the Marshland for nearly a year, trying to find his way back to civilization. If he any skill in surviving in the wilderness it would have taken him three weeks at most, but he wasn’t so lucky. At one point during the journey he caught a little animal trying to eat his roasted spinesnake. With a flick of the wrist his dagger severed the little creature’s spine. The creature was a pygmy tree wolveroo with a young. After eating it he decided that he couldn’t eat the wolveroo baby, since it was way too small to do anything with anyways. Not like there is a lot of meat on a fully grown one, since the animal is the size of a guinea pig without the tail, but they sure are tasty, especially the tail. So Komat’su decided to fatten the little guy up and eat him at a later date. In the meantime he would call it Ke’vlar, or “tiny voracious elevenses”.

After a year of wandering through the Delgorian Marshlands and Saela Lowlands, killing whatever creatures living there tried to eat him, and eating said creatures, Komat’su finally found his way to civilization. Unknowingly he had wondered to Lastilles. His journeys took him through the hypnotizing spires of the Singing Rocks of SeValle. He has drunk from the Blood Well of Nundari. He has tasted the alabaster fruit of the carnivorous Esau Tree. He witnessed the Viper Rose blossom, which blossoms only once a millennium after devouring it’s mate. He has seen the snapgorgon siren mating dance. He has eaten the snapgorgon siren in lobstervine sauce. He has seen the slumbering La Magh’tarraq’isqe, whose gaze is said to undo the light. He didn’t wake it just in case the legend was true. He witnessed the bloodsucking spidersquito feeding frenzy. He has been to the Lake of Thousand Eyes, where the dreaded claw shrimp go to die, and only their eyes remain staring at you hauntingly. But nothing could even come close to the splendor, beauty, and sheer power of Lastilles.

It did not take Komat’su very long to get adjusted to Lastilles. Within few weeks he learned his way around the city, and learned very quickly of the ins and outs of the many shady elements flourishing in the dark underbelly of the city that never sleeps. He has quickly made a name for himself as a fighter in the underground arenas. But after some time he began wondering what other cities look like, and that it might be a good idea to see what the rest of the world looks like. His decision didn’t go over very well with the Lertani family, a rich merchant family involved in many underhanded activities within the city. They mentioned something about some shipment of exotic razorbeak heron eggs that Ke’vlar loves so much being eaten by something, but that clearly had nothing to do with Komat’su.

First place he traveled to after leaving Lastilles was Bons. Ship he was traveling on, Hag’s Fury named after captain LeSardre’s mother, was caught up in the storm. While the storm itself was not too strong, ship’s rudder broke which caused the ship to be blown off course. To make matters worse the ship was was attacked during the storm by a hullshredder shark. Once the hull was shreddered the shark gorged itself on most of the crew, with Komat’su being the sole survivor as far as he knew. Once on the dry land, as dry as the delta gets, Komat’su traveled along the coast in hopes of reaching Bons. The journey was a lot more perilous than he expected, as it was snapping nutriadillo’s mating season, and if you thought they are bad tempered normally… a female snapping nutriadillo in heat can eat a fully grown man, bones and all, in under four minutes. Komat’su decided it would be safer to just travel along the coast, but that had it’s own difficulties. The tidal pools near which he was traveling are a home to the delicous mantis shrimp. But while the freshwater variety is small and easy to harvest, the salt water ones are not to be trifled with. The matis shrimp shrimp in the tidal pools grow up to four feet in length in all of their bloodthirsty glory, and like hunting any non shrimp living creatures in the area. Some mantis shrimp have their hunting areas spread over many miles, marked off with grisly fetishes made from the remains of their victims. It wasn’t until Komat’su defeated Khss’taq’ig’wass’thijj’vaqr, a great mantis shrimp hero, that he could pass through their lands unmolested all the way to Bons.

Once in Bons, Komat’su found a city very unlike his beloved Lastilles. The city was much less lively, but at the same time seemed less pretentious. After staying in Bons for a few months, Komat’su became an apprentice to Master Chef DuLasse, a chef famous in the region. But things began to go sour once the Lertani family learned that he was still alive. While they were unwilling to do anything against the restaurant Komat’su worked in, since it was the front for the O’Graddsh family. But outside of the restaurant he was assaulted on numerous occasions by thugs sent by the Lerantis. The attacks were more annoying than dangerous, but the O’Graddsh family would do nothing to stop the attacks. After a couple of months of this going on, Komat’su decided it was time to move on and try to disappear from his assailants. And what better place to disappear in then Hidor?

Hidor has proven to be everything Komat’su imagined. A bustling metropolis, veritable jungle of building, with people swarming like angered kestrel ants. But being a goliath, an unusual looking one at that, makes looking inconspicuous rather difficult, even in a city as big as Hidor. He quickly attracted the attention of Zuran, an old dwarven curiosities merchant. For the time being Komat’su became his errand boy, especially for items that required some extra protection from third parties interested in acquiring them. While Zuran’s merchandise for the most part was not magically powerful, it was always unusual, and attracted the most eccentric buyers. This put a fair coin in his hand, and allowed him to travel freely throughout the city and learn it’s ins and outs. Over months he worked for Zuran he has seen the most unusual and bizarre items, like candied shrunken elf heads wrapped in thundertusk boar bacon (orc delicacy and highly illegal) or the six foot statue of Martin VanHeigel the First made out of thousand magically frozen starsparkle pixies.

One day a shifty looking character came to Zuran’s Emporium Of Spectacular Marvels trying to sell a small wooden coffer studded in bronze. For the first time ever Komat’su saw Zuran clearly unnerved by the merchandise. After a long discussion behind closed doors Zuran turned the stranger away. When asked about the item he told Komat’su it is better he doesn’t know. But about two weeks later a strange deva came asking about the stranger and the coffer. She was clearly unaccustomed to dealing with the dark underbelly of the magical curiosities business, asking all the wrong question of all the wrong people. Komat’su decided to help her out, seeing as she was asking the Dunley boys, well known cheats and rapscallions who are always up to no good. And with their connections Dunley boys can get away with murder, literally. Komat’su had few run ins with the Dunley boys before, so he knew that the best way of dealing with them was to get out of the area until they get bored with you. So he took the deva by her arm and quickly led her through the streets and alleyways with the Dunley boys in hot pursuit. But this time the boys didn’t seem to get bored of the chase.

After loosing the pursuit proper introductions were made. The deva’s name was Palaena, and she was looking for a small wooden coffer studded in bronze. Since Komat’su seen the coffer before he offered to help her. He helped Palaena inquire about the item’s whereabouts, but to no avail. Seemed as if it just vanished. To make matters worse the Dunley boys were out in force looking for her, and by association for Komat’su. Even Zuran was of no help, other than admitting that he has seen the item, but would not buy it. Komat’su heard of an odd character who arrived in town just recently, a relic hunter named Everfel. So he managed to get in contact with this Everfel fellow and get his help with the search. But even with his help they could not find any information of the coffer. But they did learn that the man who attempted to sell the coffer to Zuran went toward Grens by land, and possibly to Irbound from there. With all the trail in the city turning out cold, and all the Dunleys looking for Palaena and Komat’su, travel to Grens seemed like a good idea.

Travel to Grens was relatively slow, as using the main roads has proven far too dangerous. Apparently the relic Palaena was looking for has really stirred up a hornet’s nest. Dunley’s thugs were looking for them, and their men kept a vigilant eye on the many settlements between Hidor and Grens. At least the danger from the monsters and wild animals was low, due to the lands being civilized for centuries. Asking around in Grens has proven fruitless, as no one has seen the man they were looking for. To complicate the matters, Dunley’s bosses were still looking for Palaena and Komat’su through their contacts in the city. Since the last rumor they have heard about the mysterious man mentioned something about him going to Irbound, they decided to try their luck there.


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