An unbelievably dimwitted orc with a fear of stuffs stuffs


Grogru is a famous orc from the time of the “Crag-Rock Clan Conspiracy”. He is known for being unbelievably weak and dimwitted, even among orc standards. He is scared of nearly everything to the point of stuttering, and it is generally assumed that he was abandoned by his clan for his weakness. However, beyond the vacant stare of Grogru’s eyes lie an uncanny direction sense for getting into trouble and a kind, if not simple heart. Grogru’s divine dumb luck and knack for survival against all logical plausibility make him a…valued ally?

Sadly, in the final decisive battle in the Crag-Rock Clan Conspiracy, Grogru was drawn into the dark portal that sealed Lady Demond back into her eternal prison. Naturally his heroic death made for great story telling and indeed Grogru was posthumously made a great orcish hero in the eyes of his peers.


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