Snickers “Suds” Suddenpocket

an airship engineer with more than meets the eye...


Snickers “Suds” Suddenpocket is one of the unspoken “gnome” engineers that worked his way through the ranks in the Engineering Academy of Bres. His unusually pragmatic approach to research and ingenuity eventually bought him his freedom from his apprenticeship under his Croncorian master. He eventually settled near the border of Bres in the small town of Bahbtown where he has quietly worked on his airship, the Glowing Fireisma ever since.

However to those who know him personally, Suds is definitely more than meets the eye. No single person has ever quite placed it, but there is something about him that just doesn’t fit in with the whole gnome thing. Some say its his relatively calm, rational demeanor for a gnome. Others say its something about his beard or the conspicuous large hump under his cloak. Still some say its the uncanny lack of exploding inventions and Suds long life span. A perceptive few notice that Suds is particular enthusiastic when meeting new people and not necessarily of the exploding gnome variety.

Nevertheless, Suds is still a nice guy and would offer the coat on his back if it meant he could hear the life story of the passing stranger on the street.

Snickers “Suds” Suddenpocket

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