A genius by Eladrin standards with a penchant for creating opportunity out of any given situation


While seemingly nothing more than a distant relative of some obscure eladrin politician from Hidor, the twisted eladrin by the name of Bizel has manipulated this and many other opportunities in his life to award himself much power and prestige. He is a genius by eladrin standards and has a keen insight to steer any given situation to his advantage through careful planning and intrigue. Some say he is also a member of an eladrin criminal syndicate tasked with hunting down the remaining “Drow”, though it is more likely that he would use this organization for his own ambitions.

According to a spokesman for the eladrin embassy in the holy empire of Hidor, Bizel was recently brutally murdered by a group of raving madmen (our noble adventurers) while he was visiting the city of Bons on a fact finding mission of peace. While there were rumors that Bizel’s motives were not all that innocent, many of these rumor mongers died of natural causes. Meanwhile an investigation is underway to discover the whereabouts of these cutthroats and a possible reward for their apprehension has been discussed.

Current status: deceased


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