Dathir Stormreaver

An unethical magic essence geneticist known for violating Eladrin sacred law


Though quite inquisitive and a genius in his own right, there is no question that the eladrin magic essence geneticist known as Dathir Stormreaver is also quite insane. After all, Dathir has violated the golden rule of Eladrin Ethics – never experiment on an unwilling eladrin! Indeed, Dathir has never been content to simply grow giant rats and replace their limbs with vicious scimitars, or even attempt to graft human torsos onto horseless carriages. He simply had to experiment on infusing magic essence into the molecular level of his young eladrin apprentice. And while he was successful in transforming her right arm into a magic cannon arm, it was grotesque and malformed in its appearance, and naturally she had been opposed to the idea to begin with.

Dathir also has an unhealthy obsession with history and is fond of using his recently discovered ancient relic to manipulate time and space so that he can visit significant points in the history of Tolornia. Though normally any matter from the present would self-annihilate in the past, the relic provides a powerful shield the size of a large building to freeze all time within the shield so that people and objects from the present could at least observe if not directly interfere.

It is also presumed that Dathir serves a higher power, as he has been seen conversing with a sinister looking female through a mysterious device that allows instant communication through time and space. When asked about their relationship, Dathir quickly smiles and continues on with whatever idle talk is appropriate for the situation.

Unwittingly, the party encountered a batch of his scimitar rats in a local tavern in Irbound and followed him to his lair as they had heard rumors that Dathir had possessed a powerful religious icon from Palaena’s temple. Dathir’s apprentice opened the entrance to his lair back in time, and the party proceeded to slay many of Dathir’s experiments. At the top of his lighthouse lair, the party defeated what appeared to be his shadow, but sadly his apprentice did not survive as she was brutally murdered by Dathir for her treachery.

In reality, Dathir had already set up shop in the gnomish engineering academy of Bres. After all, why kidnap unwilling lab rats when the gnomes were enthusiastically lining up in droves as volunteers. Or as Dathir mused in his journal, ”...like the famed Olurrian lemming boars leaping off a cliff with the naivete of children in a candy store”. Unfortunately, Dathir had come across the party’s three amulets from some scheming feral gnome; And when the party rudely interrupted a conversation with his master by charging through the floor with their new Umberhulk ally, Dathir once again met his demise. So much for his new and improved gnomes…

Current Whereabouts – Presumed dead

Dathir Stormreaver

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