Martin VanHeigel the MXV

descendant of a long line of successful merchants


A descendant of a long line of successful merchants, Martin VanHeigel MXV knows it and makes sure all of his associates and subordinates alike know it. He is famous for referring to himself in the third person as Your Leige Sir Lord Martin the Magnificent VanHeigel MXV or Sir Martin for short when he is in a hurry. Behind his outlandish fashion sense, foppish hats, and flamboyant personality, lay a savvy business sense and an uncanny ability to make a moneymaking opportunity out of any situation. He is quite charismatic due to his honed physique, glib tongue, and perpetual bachelor status, but perhaps one day the right person will come along to sweep him off his feet and carry him away into the sunset.

The party chartered Martin’s newly acquired hovercraft named the Crimson Rose to travel from Irbound to the port town of Bons. Though the party managed to protect the emasculated, flamboyant vessel of Croncorian design from vicious man-shark attacks, Martin himself was traumatized. However all was well, as his newly acquired cabin boy, Action Jackson was there to save the day. Though Martin was sad that the party, and Action Jackson in particular were not willing to join the ship as a permanent crew, Martin gave Jackson his favorite hat to remember him by.

Eventually, Martin was able to pool together his resources to acquire a majority stake in a highly successful traveling water circus. He invested heavily into their hodgepodge assortment of ships and was able to recruit world famous artisans to improve their performance in what he hoped would bring happy smiles to the faces of children the world over. Well at least that’s what he insisted to his stoic first mate Lodan on a near daily basis, but as was the usual case, Lodan simply fed Martin the expected lip service and quietly shook head in disgust.

Shortly thereafter, Martin ran into his ex-cabin boy Action Jackson and gang in the city of Lastilles. Unable to turn a blind eye to his lost lamb, Martin graciously rescued Jackson and his friends from a burning rooftop and offered them a free trip to Croncor with HARDLY any strings attached. After all, the group was good at fighting and Martin needed some able guards, and well, the cabin boy was just icing on the cake. Oh yes, Martin would have his cake and eat it too.

Sadly this adventure was not without its failures, as Martin lost his beloved Crimson Rose to a fiendish, ferocious dragon. But all was well, Martin had survived, the crew was due to be replaced anyway (full time labor is just SO expensive), and honestly the Crimson Rose had lost that new hovercraft smell. As Martin mused in his diary, “Red is the color of falling leaves of Autumn and truly we are quickly approaching the fridge cold of Winter. The Crimson Rose was simply a fad and one such as Lord Martin needs to stay up to date with the current fashions!”

Current Whereabouts – Checking out a fantastic new jewelry shop in Hidor…

Martin VanHeigel the MXV

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