Session 23

Flamethrowers + Stalactites + Running for your Lives = Awesome!

  • As the party hops into their mining carts and flees their previous battle scene, they are chased by a flock of giant bats. These vicious beasts are bad enough with their depth charges, but as the party starts to gain some speed, the bats start gnawing on the stalactites causing them to collapse just a bit too close for comfort. After a few minutes and a few exploded flamethrowers, the party manages to escape to the nearest way station.
  • The party is then approached by the cloaked figure that has been stalking them since the party’s escape from Bres. It turns out to be none other than their old friend Komat’su. However, he refuses to go anywhere near the mind controlled Palaena or the dreaded gnome Nyx. Jaxltyl tells the party that Komat’su is his associate and that they found Komat’su on the brink of death in the outlying regions of Nintoumas. Since then Komat’su has been searching for the amulets to ensure that they stay out of the hands of Nyx, Eladrin, and other evildoers (in that order). Komat’su is not yet ready to judge the party much less trust them, so he will continue to observe from a distance.



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