Session 22

Nothing like being stabbed by a flock of Razorbeak Duck Stirges...

  • On their way to Dimson, the party is assaulted by a flock of Razor-Duck Stirges likely migrating from the Saela Lowlands. Fortunately a rather convenient group of dwarves with magic essence cannons keep the majority of the stirges at bay, while the party is able to escape.
  • Meanwhile at a well near the outskirts of Dimson, a mysterious half-orc from a distant land appears bearing a strange accent, a jagged rapier, and a bad ass hat. This fellow named Ishmael makes his way to Dimson and after an awkward conversation with a “retarded midget” guard, Ishmael finds his way to a local inn. As Ishmael has never seen a dwarf and can’t understand their inferior tongue, he can’t help but feel uncomfortable in a town full of these incomprehensible midgets.
  • the party finally makes it way to Dimson, though the “Glowing Fireisma” will take some time to repair and it is unlikely it would be able to travel through the mountains anyway, so the party looks for the nearest inn to get some ideas on what to do next.
  • Upon entering the inn, the party notices a strange looking half-orc with a curiously unfamiliar, yet bad ass looking hat. Jaxlytyl suddenly senses a faint aura of Autor emanating from the half-orc and approaches him. After a few moments of awkwardness, Ishael is finally able to understand what appears to be the party’s “common” language, which is similar to the low speech spoken by the servant caste in his homelands. Ishmael is convinced to join the party.
  • the party is told by the innkeeper to seek out the mining guild leader known as Goro “Pickaxe” Gritchisel. Upon doing so, the females in the group are mistaken as a payment for a favor owed to “Pickaxe” by his associate Tiny Tim. After the confusion is sorted out “Pickaxe” agrees to let the party travel through the caves into Autor’s Mountains but warns them it will be difficult to get past the nest of sentient Centipede ants inhabiting the pass to the inner mountains.
  • the party rents some mining carts to travel through the cave’s rail system to expedite their travel through the caves. Oh and Nyx “brilliantly” outfits them with flamethrowers. Surely that will end well. :)
  • upon coming to one a dwarven way station for rest, the party encounters a group of vicious carrion crawlers feasting on the remnants of the dwarves stationed there. Nyx manages to set one of the buildings on fire with her flamethrower, while the rest of the party leaps out and proceeds to dispose of the vile creatures. Unfortunately in its final death throes the “queen” carrion crawler lets out an immense explosion forcing the party to flee for their lives while saving the lone remaining dwarf in the process…



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