Session 21

a rare act of heroism...

  • As the festivities begin, a spastic Nyx left under the direct supervision of the aloof Everfel decides to crash the party by literally crashing her magic-essence powered carriage through the crowd into the gallows. This in tandem with a patriotic speech by Action Jackson about proper gnomish servitude leads to a riot in the crowds. As the chaos ensues, Evisceratix stays behind and distracts Bolfrom as the remainder of the party rescues the gnome paladin rebel and his friends.
  • Seeing his chance to escape, Evisceratix flies away. Presumably having accomplished his goals, or simply feeling a need to remain as part of the world of the living, he starts the journey to return back to his homelands of Sorencia.
  • Jackson convinces a patriotic guard near a town exit to let the party take their “captives” out into the wilderness for “proper treatment”. With a pouch of gold in hand, the guard waves in admiration as the party rides away with majesty.
  • party makes its way to a small hovel owned by none other than the famous “Gnome” Snickers “Suds” Suddenpocket for some much needed r&r. After spending the evening, Nyx convinces Suds to show off his latest invention, the dreaded gnome airship known as the “Glowing Fireisma”.
  • The party notices the same individual who was watching them from the rooftops of Bres has been following them from a distance.
  • Paleana notes the conspicuous book cleverly strapped to Sud’s back and deduces that Suds is actually a halfling in disguise.
  • Nyx convinces Suds to fly the party to the nearest town known as Bahbtown (and by convincing, I mean she blindly started pushing buttons in the airship’s wheelhouse nearly causing it to crash into Sud’s house) to meet with Jaxlytyl so that he will hopefully bring them to the Dragon God Ksena.
  • Jaxlytyl agrees to bring the party to the Dragon God Ksena and suggests the best path to reach Nintoumas would be to head to Dimson and then north through Autor’s Mountains



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