Session 20

What goes around comes around...

  • Party goes through the alley ways and buildings of the Gnomish Academy to escape the remnants of the battle. After a time of evading Croncorian soldiers and saving innocent gnomes (and interrupting two gnome love birds amidst the bangs, booms, and zippity zooms), they are able to escape. Theron notices a large cloaked figure observing the party from a distant rooftop.
  • Upon finding a less conspicuous inn, the group learns that Bres is in total lockdown and all major checkpoints are tightly guarded by the soldiers of Croncor and no one is being allowed in or out of Bres until the rebellion is completely under control.
  • While grabbing a bite to eat, Margert is approached once again by the mysterious lizardfolk by the name of Jaxlytyl who apologizes for the earlier misunderstanding, but Jaxltyl is still not ready to trust the party. He and his associate will be observing the party’s actions in their current dilemma before bringing them before Lady Ksena who knows a great deal about these mysterious amulets.
  • The party is then summoned to Guildmaster Bolfrom’s estate to be rewarded as “heroes” in their selfless act of patriotism in providing valuable information about the gnomish rebellion. He provides no small reward and offers the group a position of power and prestige (and a bitch’n new airship) for further service in the name of the confederacy. The only catch is that there will be hanging of the captured rebel leader at high noon, and the party is invited to attend as honored guests.



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