Session 19

Another one bites the dust...

This just in from the eladrin embassy in Croncor. The famous eladrin scientist, Dathir Stormreaver was murdered today in cold blood during a gnomish uprising in the vassal state of Bres. In his official statement Eladrin Ambassador Tylr stated “Dathir Stormreaver was well known for performing instrumental research for the betterment of all. His untimely death is truly a sad day and a blow to magic essence research. He will be sorely missed.”

Also of note, a duo of young umberhulks was seen leaving Bres towards the direction of Autor’s Mountains. Our brave reporter in the field was able to get a few quick questions in as the Umberhulks presumably began their long journey. When asked what they were doing in such close proximity to civilized land, the larger umberhulk simply smiled (at least it looked something like a smile) and offered this puzzling response: “The human munchies were kind enough to supply us with a much appreciated meal of fey munchies for our trip to bear our child. We wish them the best of luck in their travels and hope our paths cross again.”

We’ll be right back with your nightly weather report but first….



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