Session 18

The party prepares a feast fit for a king and makes a ...friend?

  • As Bolfrom’s forces begin preparing for the onslaught of the academy, the party warns the dean of the academy to flee and flee quickly. As the battle commences, the party travels up the main building of the academy and then crosses a zip line over to the agriculture building. Unfortunately some of the party was not good at tight rope walking and “missed the window by that much”. Thankfully they are hoisted up on the window by their comrades and the quest for Dathir slaying is able to commence.
  • The party passes through several classrooms and creepy labs and eventually makes it to presumably Professor Dathir’s main office where they discover a pressure switch that changes the building into something of M C Escher sculpture. They eventually find a hidden door in the primary lab with gnomes encased in large glass chambers filled with vile liquids. Nyx presumes based on the various sizes of the gnomes that they are being physically enhanced through highly concentrated magic essence.
  • This hidden door leads to a large room filled with beefy 6ft tall gnome guards flanked by normal size gnomes physically connected to magic essence powered armor suits. The party sneaks in and disposes of the vile abominations before they can alert anyone and continues up a winding stairwell that eventually leads to large magically locked and shielded double door. The more perceptive members of the group think that they hear the voice of Dathir speaking to a female from behind the door. Unable to break through the door, the party moves on to the very top level of the stairs…
  • ...inhabited by none other than a pair of young umberhulks who have been chained to the floor and ceiling of what appears to be the trash/biological waste/storage chamber of the school. Through Evisceratix’s interpretive dance and Everfel’s crude understanding of the undercommon language, they are able to communicate with the creatures. Apparently, the umberhulks have been imprisoned by Dathir for some unknown purpose and if the party would be so kind as to free them, they could be convinced to aid the party into breaching Dathir’s chamber with one small additional request. After all, the female umberhulk is pregnant with babe and neither of the pair have had a good humanoid feast in a long time. The morally challenged of members of the party prepare a feast from the remains of some of the mutant gnomes from the first floor and the party goes about freeing the umberhulks. Surely freeing creatures known for the evil ways into the world will be a good thing right?...



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