Session 17

Action Jackson seeks strange bed fellows and the party plants the seeds of rebellion...

  • The party encounters a dryad with her pack of feral gnomes. As the party charges in for a brawl, she hands the amulets to one of the gnomes who suddenly disappears and presumably runs away. The dryad and her lackeys are slain and the party continues on to Bres and the recommendation of their gnome paladin guide.
  • Party makes it to Bres and parts ways with the paladin. They start doing research on who or what may have their amulets. Eventually as Gaia is walking down an alley, she finds the mutilated corpse of the feral gnome who had run off with the amulets which of course were nowhere to be found. The gnome is given a “proper” burial by the innkeeper and upon following several dead leads, Palaena commences with the rather gruesome ritual of exhuming the gnome’s corpse from the dumpster and speaking with the dead. They discover that the gnome dealt with somebody in the gnomish engineering academy.
  • The party gains an audience with the dean of the academy and is granted access to the vast libraries of the academy. They also discover that a new professor has taken over the dept of agriculture(i.e. magic essence genetic research) and wouldn’t you know it, he’s their old eladrin “friend” Dathir Stormreaver.
  • Action Jackson gains an audience with Dathir and warns him of the mysterious organization of Autor run by “Judas the Inept” and asks if Dathir has any other enemies. Dathir seems unconcerned with such trivialities and politely declines to join forces with the party. He is merely concerned with his new “agricultural” research. However Dathir does admit to acquiring some fantastic new relics that have been quite instrumental in his newest creations.
  • Rumors fly across town that none other than the Guildmaster of Fongor, “Bolfrom the Brute” has arrived in Bres to check on the progress of the latest enhancements to a sleek new class of airship. Jackson is granted an audience with Guildmaster Bolfrom and informs him of a plot by the Gnomish Liberation Front (an embellishment on Jackson’s part of the gnome paladin’s quest to free the gnomes), the dean of the gnomish academy, and Dathir to underminethe Confederacy of Croncor. Of course this is mostly an invention of Jackson’s insane mind, and of course Bolfrom is more than willing to believe Jackson’s story if it means he has a legitimate excuse for violence…



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