Session 16

OMG OMG OMG the party is TOTALLY going to Bres!!!

  • Upon entering the basement, the party interrupts a group of Bugbear Yeti brigands as they were in the process of munching on an unfortunate fellow. Though the room was filled with suspicious looking barrels, the party defeated the brigands without a hitch and without the expected explosion. Eventually two individuals come out from a back room named Simon and Thaddeus. They in turn pass on the rumor of another amulet within the gnome land of Bres.
  • The party discovers that they will need a pass from a Guildmaster of Croncor in order to legally travel to Bres. After some money changes hands at the Croncor Guild Hall, the party earns an audience with Simeon. Though initially doubtful of the party’s interest in research and while the offer of Nyx is certainly tempting, it isn’t till the party tells of their great deeds in the economical damage coincidentally done to one of Simeon’s competitors in Lastilles that he grants a pass. There is also a promise that the party will leave Croncor swiftly to decrease the likelihood of such an event occurring at Simeon’s doorstop.
  • As it is a two week travel by horse and carriage, the party finds a suspiciously great deal on thoroughbred horses from a gnome hawking his goods near the ship foundry district. All the gnome asks in return is that the party provides him a detailed account of their performance on the trip. After sometime, the party realizes the horses are making unnaturally good time and that they aren’t eating…anything. Also a faint ticking is heard from within the horses, but Nyx smiles and pays it no mind. Surely it’s just the party’s imagination.
  • The party then leaves Croncor as it was found. Indeed in what could only be described as miracle, the city of Croncor survives an encounter with our noble adventurers.
  • After a week the party makes it to the outskirts of the Shandara Darkwood where they encounter a gnome paladin on magitek armor fighting off a large mythical beast that was on its way to demolishing a nearby gnome town. The party steps in and takes advantage of some nearby bolt throwers to tether and eventually converge in for the final deathblow. The paladin introduces himself as founder and sole member of the underground gnome liberation front on his quest to free the gnomes and offers to lead the party to Bres.
  • The party heads further onto the road through the Shandara Darkwood and decides to seek out shelter at a comfortable looking gnome hut on top of a hill overlooking the road. A grizzled old hag of a gnome checks out Action Jackson and invites the party in for tea. It is apparently really good tea as the party can’t help but fall asleep on the comfortable cots laid out. Even the ones who didn’t partake in the gnome’s offerings couldn’t resist the allure of the roaring fireplace nearby.
  • The next morning the party wakes up missing all but their undergarments and hears the cackling of feral gnomes hidden in the area. Through some deduction and stubborn resolve the party thinks its way out of the gnomes’ carefully laid out puzzle and reacquires all their possessions with the exception of the amulets.
  • Evisceratix swears he will hunt down every last one of the feral gnomes and garrote them one by one as the party follows the voices of the gnomes to a nearby clearing…



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