Session 15

*Gasp* A nation survives an encounter with the party unscathed!!!....oh and something about slaying a dragon....

  • After a fairly ordinary journey through the Sea of Sorencia fending off man-beak sharks, mantis shrimp enclaves, and Martin’s advances, The Crimson Rose and its crew finally encounter something worthy of note…
  • Apparently Martin neglected to mention he was carrying some exotic cargo, and unfortunately our noble adventurers never asked. This same cargo decided to hatch, and while the hatchlings were only minutes born into this world, they were anything but cute and defenseless. Rather, nearly the entire crew of the Crimson Rose was eaten alive by the newborn mutant drakes until the party was able to secure the situation. Nyx then went to work “fixing” the engine room, while the rest of the party helped patch the holes in the hull.
  • Just as things seemed to get back under control, with a large shriek mommy decided to show up, and the party encountered their first dragon…yadda yadda yadda…there was a vicious battle…Theron learned to fly…Evisceratix learned to swim…Nyx was left in charge of the engine room…the Crimson Rose exploded…so on and so forth..
  • After the dust settled and the survivors rallied, the remainder of Martin’s circus ship fleet sailed on to Croncor
  • Upon entering Croncor, the party learned very quickly what it was like to be in a freezing climate, so they went to a famous merchant shop run by something resembling a half giant, half orc, half goliath, named Jarvis, who was instantly smitten with Palaena. As she asked for some clothes, Jarvis tossed his under garments, curiously without taking off his pants. The rest of the party was able to evade in time, but sadly Palaena would end up spending the next week in a hot spring bath. Jarvis really did seem like a nice guy though, and winked to Palaena as they quickly made their purchases and moved on.
  • After a long day, the party sought shelter in the famous Ruins of the Temple of Livanel Inn. In the middle of the night, Nyx was awakened by a quick breeze gushing through the window, as she jumped up to close the window, she noticed a letter attached to a chair. It simply said “go here if you still want to seek out the amulets”, then Nyx added the location to her trusty Mini Map Finder Zingamadoo 3240.
  • The next day, the party arrived at the location, undoubtedly expecting to meet Judas once again, instead they heard a loud noise coming from the basement…our adventurers leaped down the stairs at the chance for honor and glory…or maybe just for the chance to get into a good brawl…



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