Session 24
Ishmael's clever ruse, Nyx's leap of faith, Palaena caught in the middle!
  • After continuing on their path for several hours, the party notices that the caverns are starting to look unnaturally altered and not by dwarven methodology. Everfel also informs the party that their rescued comatose dwarf is named Oldag, a friend that helped Everfel in the past.
  • At one point the party is forced to abandon their mining cart as they come up to a point where a 50 ft wide section of the rail is missing. After looking around the party realizes that it must have been one large creature indeed that was able to carve such a path through the rock. However with Nyx’s ingenuity, they are able to convert the cart to a bridge and cross. The party quickly learns it is difficult and exhausting to walk down the rail on foot, but they manage.
  • Eventually the party makes camp at what looks like one of the most outlying dwarven way stations. Most of the buildings are mere rubble, but the party does manage to find a defensible location to take a long rest.
  • During the first watch Ishmael notices a lone lizardfolk approaching. As he starts to wake up the group, the lizardfolks charges in with a posse of fire spitting snakes, anacondas, and a giant centipede. During the ensuing battle, Palaena not only learns how to be a tank, but also notices that the lizardfolk is definitely not acting of his own free will, which is later confirmed when Everfel eviscerates him with a crossbow bolt. A large grub then tears apart the lizardfolk’s body from within and begins to grow as it munches away at the unfortunate lizardfolk’s corpse. Not be outdone by Everfel, Ishmael lets loose everything he has on the nearly dead giant centipede, thereby leading to a massive burst of puss/blood/flesh in the area.
  • The party then finishes their rest and checks the comatose dwarf Oldag for possible signs of grub infestation and while Nyx is definitely suspicious/hopeful?, she does not have the necessary tools (especially after Ishmael takes away Nyx’s favorite power drill) or location to thoroughly examine the dwarf.
  • After a few hours of walking the party notices more and more signs of centipedal infestation including a curiously bio-luminescent ooze covering the caverns and occasional bands of bipedal centipedes with dwarven/humanoid drones walking down below. Finally the group sees a large flat area ahead that looks like it was at some point in the beginning stages of being converted into a dwarven mining city. However based on the growing signs of centipedal infestation, the party quickly realizes that it must be the central hive of the centipedes. Ishmael and Everfel go on ahead to investigate where they find and murder an innocent centipede guy. In order to escape they hide under the body and walk it out of town. While some of the bipedal centipedes give the “spastic centipede” a look, the two make it back to a disturbed party. Things only get worse as Nyx gleefully jumps into the centipede’s corpse to fulfill her current obsession of making centipede scale armor. The party begrudgingly realizes that it would help them get through the Centipede’s hive if they were covered in the smell of these creatures, that is all except a haughty Palaena. Thankfully Nyx solves that problem too as she pokes her head out of the corpse and tosses a wad of guts at Palaena’s face.
  • Palaena’s fists crackle with divine rage – this will surely end well…
Session 23
Flamethrowers + Stalactites + Running for your Lives = Awesome!
  • As the party hops into their mining carts and flees their previous battle scene, they are chased by a flock of giant bats. These vicious beasts are bad enough with their depth charges, but as the party starts to gain some speed, the bats start gnawing on the stalactites causing them to collapse just a bit too close for comfort. After a few minutes and a few exploded flamethrowers, the party manages to escape to the nearest way station.
  • The party is then approached by the cloaked figure that has been stalking them since the party’s escape from Bres. It turns out to be none other than their old friend Komat’su. However, he refuses to go anywhere near the mind controlled Palaena or the dreaded gnome Nyx. Jaxltyl tells the party that Komat’su is his associate and that they found Komat’su on the brink of death in the outlying regions of Nintoumas. Since then Komat’su has been searching for the amulets to ensure that they stay out of the hands of Nyx, Eladrin, and other evildoers (in that order). Komat’su is not yet ready to judge the party much less trust them, so he will continue to observe from a distance.
Session 22
Nothing like being stabbed by a flock of Razorbeak Duck Stirges...
  • On their way to Dimson, the party is assaulted by a flock of Razor-Duck Stirges likely migrating from the Saela Lowlands. Fortunately a rather convenient group of dwarves with magic essence cannons keep the majority of the stirges at bay, while the party is able to escape.
  • Meanwhile at a well near the outskirts of Dimson, a mysterious half-orc from a distant land appears bearing a strange accent, a jagged rapier, and a bad ass hat. This fellow named Ishmael makes his way to Dimson and after an awkward conversation with a “retarded midget” guard, Ishmael finds his way to a local inn. As Ishmael has never seen a dwarf and can’t understand their inferior tongue, he can’t help but feel uncomfortable in a town full of these incomprehensible midgets.
  • the party finally makes it way to Dimson, though the “Glowing Fireisma” will take some time to repair and it is unlikely it would be able to travel through the mountains anyway, so the party looks for the nearest inn to get some ideas on what to do next.
  • Upon entering the inn, the party notices a strange looking half-orc with a curiously unfamiliar, yet bad ass looking hat. Jaxlytyl suddenly senses a faint aura of Autor emanating from the half-orc and approaches him. After a few moments of awkwardness, Ishael is finally able to understand what appears to be the party’s “common” language, which is similar to the low speech spoken by the servant caste in his homelands. Ishmael is convinced to join the party.
  • the party is told by the innkeeper to seek out the mining guild leader known as Goro “Pickaxe” Gritchisel. Upon doing so, the females in the group are mistaken as a payment for a favor owed to “Pickaxe” by his associate Tiny Tim. After the confusion is sorted out “Pickaxe” agrees to let the party travel through the caves into Autor’s Mountains but warns them it will be difficult to get past the nest of sentient Centipede ants inhabiting the pass to the inner mountains.
  • the party rents some mining carts to travel through the cave’s rail system to expedite their travel through the caves. Oh and Nyx “brilliantly” outfits them with flamethrowers. Surely that will end well. :)
  • upon coming to one a dwarven way station for rest, the party encounters a group of vicious carrion crawlers feasting on the remnants of the dwarves stationed there. Nyx manages to set one of the buildings on fire with her flamethrower, while the rest of the party leaps out and proceeds to dispose of the vile creatures. Unfortunately in its final death throes the “queen” carrion crawler lets out an immense explosion forcing the party to flee for their lives while saving the lone remaining dwarf in the process…
Session 21
a rare act of heroism...
  • As the festivities begin, a spastic Nyx left under the direct supervision of the aloof Everfel decides to crash the party by literally crashing her magic-essence powered carriage through the crowd into the gallows. This in tandem with a patriotic speech by Action Jackson about proper gnomish servitude leads to a riot in the crowds. As the chaos ensues, Evisceratix stays behind and distracts Bolfrom as the remainder of the party rescues the gnome paladin rebel and his friends.
  • Seeing his chance to escape, Evisceratix flies away. Presumably having accomplished his goals, or simply feeling a need to remain as part of the world of the living, he starts the journey to return back to his homelands of Sorencia.
  • Jackson convinces a patriotic guard near a town exit to let the party take their “captives” out into the wilderness for “proper treatment”. With a pouch of gold in hand, the guard waves in admiration as the party rides away with majesty.
  • party makes its way to a small hovel owned by none other than the famous “Gnome” Snickers “Suds” Suddenpocket for some much needed r&r. After spending the evening, Nyx convinces Suds to show off his latest invention, the dreaded gnome airship known as the “Glowing Fireisma”.
  • The party notices the same individual who was watching them from the rooftops of Bres has been following them from a distance.
  • Paleana notes the conspicuous book cleverly strapped to Sud’s back and deduces that Suds is actually a halfling in disguise.
  • Nyx convinces Suds to fly the party to the nearest town known as Bahbtown (and by convincing, I mean she blindly started pushing buttons in the airship’s wheelhouse nearly causing it to crash into Sud’s house) to meet with Jaxlytyl so that he will hopefully bring them to the Dragon God Ksena.
  • Jaxlytyl agrees to bring the party to the Dragon God Ksena and suggests the best path to reach Nintoumas would be to head to Dimson and then north through Autor’s Mountains
Session 20
What goes around comes around...
  • Party goes through the alley ways and buildings of the Gnomish Academy to escape the remnants of the battle. After a time of evading Croncorian soldiers and saving innocent gnomes (and interrupting two gnome love birds amidst the bangs, booms, and zippity zooms), they are able to escape. Theron notices a large cloaked figure observing the party from a distant rooftop.
  • Upon finding a less conspicuous inn, the group learns that Bres is in total lockdown and all major checkpoints are tightly guarded by the soldiers of Croncor and no one is being allowed in or out of Bres until the rebellion is completely under control.
  • While grabbing a bite to eat, Margert is approached once again by the mysterious lizardfolk by the name of Jaxlytyl who apologizes for the earlier misunderstanding, but Jaxltyl is still not ready to trust the party. He and his associate will be observing the party’s actions in their current dilemma before bringing them before Lady Ksena who knows a great deal about these mysterious amulets.
  • The party is then summoned to Guildmaster Bolfrom’s estate to be rewarded as “heroes” in their selfless act of patriotism in providing valuable information about the gnomish rebellion. He provides no small reward and offers the group a position of power and prestige (and a bitch’n new airship) for further service in the name of the confederacy. The only catch is that there will be hanging of the captured rebel leader at high noon, and the party is invited to attend as honored guests.
Session 19
Another one bites the dust...

This just in from the eladrin embassy in Croncor. The famous eladrin scientist, Dathir Stormreaver was murdered today in cold blood during a gnomish uprising in the vassal state of Bres. In his official statement Eladrin Ambassador Tylr stated “Dathir Stormreaver was well known for performing instrumental research for the betterment of all. His untimely death is truly a sad day and a blow to magic essence research. He will be sorely missed.”

Also of note, a duo of young umberhulks was seen leaving Bres towards the direction of Autor’s Mountains. Our brave reporter in the field was able to get a few quick questions in as the Umberhulks presumably began their long journey. When asked what they were doing in such close proximity to civilized land, the larger umberhulk simply smiled (at least it looked something like a smile) and offered this puzzling response: “The human munchies were kind enough to supply us with a much appreciated meal of fey munchies for our trip to bear our child. We wish them the best of luck in their travels and hope our paths cross again.”

We’ll be right back with your nightly weather report but first….

Session 18
The party prepares a feast fit for a king and makes a ...friend?
  • As Bolfrom’s forces begin preparing for the onslaught of the academy, the party warns the dean of the academy to flee and flee quickly. As the battle commences, the party travels up the main building of the academy and then crosses a zip line over to the agriculture building. Unfortunately some of the party was not good at tight rope walking and “missed the window by that much”. Thankfully they are hoisted up on the window by their comrades and the quest for Dathir slaying is able to commence.
  • The party passes through several classrooms and creepy labs and eventually makes it to presumably Professor Dathir’s main office where they discover a pressure switch that changes the building into something of M C Escher sculpture. They eventually find a hidden door in the primary lab with gnomes encased in large glass chambers filled with vile liquids. Nyx presumes based on the various sizes of the gnomes that they are being physically enhanced through highly concentrated magic essence.
  • This hidden door leads to a large room filled with beefy 6ft tall gnome guards flanked by normal size gnomes physically connected to magic essence powered armor suits. The party sneaks in and disposes of the vile abominations before they can alert anyone and continues up a winding stairwell that eventually leads to large magically locked and shielded double door. The more perceptive members of the group think that they hear the voice of Dathir speaking to a female from behind the door. Unable to break through the door, the party moves on to the very top level of the stairs…
  • ...inhabited by none other than a pair of young umberhulks who have been chained to the floor and ceiling of what appears to be the trash/biological waste/storage chamber of the school. Through Evisceratix’s interpretive dance and Everfel’s crude understanding of the undercommon language, they are able to communicate with the creatures. Apparently, the umberhulks have been imprisoned by Dathir for some unknown purpose and if the party would be so kind as to free them, they could be convinced to aid the party into breaching Dathir’s chamber with one small additional request. After all, the female umberhulk is pregnant with babe and neither of the pair have had a good humanoid feast in a long time. The morally challenged of members of the party prepare a feast from the remains of some of the mutant gnomes from the first floor and the party goes about freeing the umberhulks. Surely freeing creatures known for the evil ways into the world will be a good thing right?...
Session 17
Action Jackson seeks strange bed fellows and the party plants the seeds of rebellion...
  • The party encounters a dryad with her pack of feral gnomes. As the party charges in for a brawl, she hands the amulets to one of the gnomes who suddenly disappears and presumably runs away. The dryad and her lackeys are slain and the party continues on to Bres and the recommendation of their gnome paladin guide.
  • Party makes it to Bres and parts ways with the paladin. They start doing research on who or what may have their amulets. Eventually as Gaia is walking down an alley, she finds the mutilated corpse of the feral gnome who had run off with the amulets which of course were nowhere to be found. The gnome is given a “proper” burial by the innkeeper and upon following several dead leads, Palaena commences with the rather gruesome ritual of exhuming the gnome’s corpse from the dumpster and speaking with the dead. They discover that the gnome dealt with somebody in the gnomish engineering academy.
  • The party gains an audience with the dean of the academy and is granted access to the vast libraries of the academy. They also discover that a new professor has taken over the dept of agriculture(i.e. magic essence genetic research) and wouldn’t you know it, he’s their old eladrin “friend” Dathir Stormreaver.
  • Action Jackson gains an audience with Dathir and warns him of the mysterious organization of Autor run by “Judas the Inept” and asks if Dathir has any other enemies. Dathir seems unconcerned with such trivialities and politely declines to join forces with the party. He is merely concerned with his new “agricultural” research. However Dathir does admit to acquiring some fantastic new relics that have been quite instrumental in his newest creations.
  • Rumors fly across town that none other than the Guildmaster of Fongor, “Bolfrom the Brute” has arrived in Bres to check on the progress of the latest enhancements to a sleek new class of airship. Jackson is granted an audience with Guildmaster Bolfrom and informs him of a plot by the Gnomish Liberation Front (an embellishment on Jackson’s part of the gnome paladin’s quest to free the gnomes), the dean of the gnomish academy, and Dathir to underminethe Confederacy of Croncor. Of course this is mostly an invention of Jackson’s insane mind, and of course Bolfrom is more than willing to believe Jackson’s story if it means he has a legitimate excuse for violence…
Session 16
OMG OMG OMG the party is TOTALLY going to Bres!!!
  • Upon entering the basement, the party interrupts a group of Bugbear Yeti brigands as they were in the process of munching on an unfortunate fellow. Though the room was filled with suspicious looking barrels, the party defeated the brigands without a hitch and without the expected explosion. Eventually two individuals come out from a back room named Simon and Thaddeus. They in turn pass on the rumor of another amulet within the gnome land of Bres.
  • The party discovers that they will need a pass from a Guildmaster of Croncor in order to legally travel to Bres. After some money changes hands at the Croncor Guild Hall, the party earns an audience with Simeon. Though initially doubtful of the party’s interest in research and while the offer of Nyx is certainly tempting, it isn’t till the party tells of their great deeds in the economical damage coincidentally done to one of Simeon’s competitors in Lastilles that he grants a pass. There is also a promise that the party will leave Croncor swiftly to decrease the likelihood of such an event occurring at Simeon’s doorstop.
  • As it is a two week travel by horse and carriage, the party finds a suspiciously great deal on thoroughbred horses from a gnome hawking his goods near the ship foundry district. All the gnome asks in return is that the party provides him a detailed account of their performance on the trip. After sometime, the party realizes the horses are making unnaturally good time and that they aren’t eating…anything. Also a faint ticking is heard from within the horses, but Nyx smiles and pays it no mind. Surely it’s just the party’s imagination.
  • The party then leaves Croncor as it was found. Indeed in what could only be described as miracle, the city of Croncor survives an encounter with our noble adventurers.
  • After a week the party makes it to the outskirts of the Shandara Darkwood where they encounter a gnome paladin on magitek armor fighting off a large mythical beast that was on its way to demolishing a nearby gnome town. The party steps in and takes advantage of some nearby bolt throwers to tether and eventually converge in for the final deathblow. The paladin introduces himself as founder and sole member of the underground gnome liberation front on his quest to free the gnomes and offers to lead the party to Bres.
  • The party heads further onto the road through the Shandara Darkwood and decides to seek out shelter at a comfortable looking gnome hut on top of a hill overlooking the road. A grizzled old hag of a gnome checks out Action Jackson and invites the party in for tea. It is apparently really good tea as the party can’t help but fall asleep on the comfortable cots laid out. Even the ones who didn’t partake in the gnome’s offerings couldn’t resist the allure of the roaring fireplace nearby.
  • The next morning the party wakes up missing all but their undergarments and hears the cackling of feral gnomes hidden in the area. Through some deduction and stubborn resolve the party thinks its way out of the gnomes’ carefully laid out puzzle and reacquires all their possessions with the exception of the amulets.
  • Evisceratix swears he will hunt down every last one of the feral gnomes and garrote them one by one as the party follows the voices of the gnomes to a nearby clearing…
Session 15
*Gasp* A nation survives an encounter with the party unscathed!!!....oh and something about slaying a dragon....
  • After a fairly ordinary journey through the Sea of Sorencia fending off man-beak sharks, mantis shrimp enclaves, and Martin’s advances, The Crimson Rose and its crew finally encounter something worthy of note…
  • Apparently Martin neglected to mention he was carrying some exotic cargo, and unfortunately our noble adventurers never asked. This same cargo decided to hatch, and while the hatchlings were only minutes born into this world, they were anything but cute and defenseless. Rather, nearly the entire crew of the Crimson Rose was eaten alive by the newborn mutant drakes until the party was able to secure the situation. Nyx then went to work “fixing” the engine room, while the rest of the party helped patch the holes in the hull.
  • Just as things seemed to get back under control, with a large shriek mommy decided to show up, and the party encountered their first dragon…yadda yadda yadda…there was a vicious battle…Theron learned to fly…Evisceratix learned to swim…Nyx was left in charge of the engine room…the Crimson Rose exploded…so on and so forth..
  • After the dust settled and the survivors rallied, the remainder of Martin’s circus ship fleet sailed on to Croncor
  • Upon entering Croncor, the party learned very quickly what it was like to be in a freezing climate, so they went to a famous merchant shop run by something resembling a half giant, half orc, half goliath, named Jarvis, who was instantly smitten with Palaena. As she asked for some clothes, Jarvis tossed his under garments, curiously without taking off his pants. The rest of the party was able to evade in time, but sadly Palaena would end up spending the next week in a hot spring bath. Jarvis really did seem like a nice guy though, and winked to Palaena as they quickly made their purchases and moved on.
  • After a long day, the party sought shelter in the famous Ruins of the Temple of Livanel Inn. In the middle of the night, Nyx was awakened by a quick breeze gushing through the window, as she jumped up to close the window, she noticed a letter attached to a chair. It simply said “go here if you still want to seek out the amulets”, then Nyx added the location to her trusty Mini Map Finder Zingamadoo 3240.
  • The next day, the party arrived at the location, undoubtedly expecting to meet Judas once again, instead they heard a loud noise coming from the basement…our adventurers leaped down the stairs at the chance for honor and glory…or maybe just for the chance to get into a good brawl…

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